South Florida Autonomous Left

For a world free of capitalism, oppression, and exploitation.

About Us

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A TRUMP PRESIDENCY brings with it a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty. More government-sponsored misogyny, racism, homophobia, deepening attacks on workers, growing tolerance for racial violence by organized groups and by the police, fascistic Islamophobia, and aggressive policies and attacks on immigrants, public education, and the environment.

We recognize that these issues need to be faced primarily through direct struggle against capitalism, the system of governance by ruling elites (the State) currently in place, and all forms of oppression.

Now is the time to build resistance and power from below (we, the people) in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. Not only must we defend our communities against attack but also push for even greater demands to improve them.

We reject working with the State and have learned from our comrades burned by NGO’s that in doing so, the government and it’s repressive institutions pacify our struggles and give us the illusion of progress while working for their own interests. We therefore recognize the urgent need for a well-organized, autonomous leftist tendency in South Florida.

As a response, we have formed The South Florida Autonomous Left, a growing tendency of active individuals and groups that have joined together to support struggles against various systems of oppression. Each of us has different ideas on what the future might look like and how to attain that future, but we ALL believe in a world free of capitalism, oppression, and exploitation — a world in which people share power and have the freedom to control their work and lives.

We hope that our collective protests today at #J20 can be a first step toward the long-term organizing work we need. Through building bottom-up popular power we can resist the ongoing and future attacks on the populace, as well as improve our situation in the process, building towards a more free, equal and just society.

Thank you,

South Florida Autonomous Left

(Download this flyer in Spanish and English)